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Aug 14


New Members


Rick Roberts       MG - MT  75-77

Training Group:   Lavras July 75

Juliet Mevi (Shiflett)   GO 69-71
Training Group:          Atlanta/Waco July 69


Glenn "Steve" Merritt    PE 70-72
Training Group:            St. Croix - June 70


Paul Abravaya    ES 69-74
Training Group: 
Blue Knob, PA Feb 69


Jul 14




David Randle's Finding Neguinho - Peace Corps Brazil 64-69 and afterFinding Neguinho


During the time of Nixon and Kennedy, United States’ reach was slowly inching around the globe as more and more initiatives to help out other countries were put into action by the government. One of these was the Peace Corp who sent volunteers all around the globe.

Two of those who were fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to help were the Randles. David and Inga Randle were assigned in Brazil, and there they found a family. In Rio Branco, the Randles found a family in Aristedes, Maria, and their son, Neguinho.

As the years passed, the relationship between both families was tested by time and distance. Years were spent apart, but fate brought them together again and again to be a blessing to each other.

Join the Randles as they explore the culture and jungles of Brazil, learn its customs, get to know its people, and discover the heart of a volunteer.

-David Randle

Staff Mato Grosso and PCV Mato Grosso


Jun 14


New Member

Douglas G. Bucher    

Training Group - Belo Horizonte, MG - Nov 71

PE 71-74


Apr 14




This project groups although designated Brazil II (1962-1964) was actually the first group recruited and trained by the Peace Corps for Brazil. The group designated Brazil I was a 4-H group recruited and trained by the 4-H and adopted by the Peace Corps for a quick launch of the Peace Corps. For more information please contact:
Ken Fliés
4311B Clemson Circle
Eagan, MN, 55122
H. (651) 207.6275
C. (952) 334.4092
kenflies (at) comcast.net


Mar 14

Seeking information about 3 xPCVs who served in RN          "click here"


Feb 14

Russell and Harriet Kay

Read their Newsletter from their time in Mato Grosso.

A few photos taken in Brazil


Jan 31, 14




Especially for those volunteers who served in Pernambuco. On March 1, 2014 Sussex Academic Press is publishing my book entitled: "Rights of Way to Brasília Teimosa: The Politics of Squatter Settlement." Historically it covers the period of 1934-1984 and the behind-the-scenes politics of the conflicts to establish control of this prime site. A synopsis and sales information are available on the Amazon.com website.


30 December 2013 - Last minutes of 2013

Nome:  Raimundo Franco
Email:   raimundofranco@yahoo.com
Remote User:
Date:  Monday, December 30, 2013

Dear xPCv's,

HAPPY 2014 - Wishing you all, staff and xPCv's, tons of good health, success and 'muitas alegrias' in family and life!

I´d like to request posting of my longtime searches.

Since 1995 I have been trying to get some info on KEITH CLEMENT and MARY ANN REBER (from Paris-TX) both from the 1977 Lavras-MG PC Training. We all met in 1995 in San Francisco-CA before I took off on vacation to Brazil. Keith borrowed to keep safe some of my Brazilian CDs, my Brazilian flag and stayed in SF (while living in the Mission District), and Mary Ann went on a PC assignment in Africa, but I heard she soon returned to live somewhere in Florida. I occasionally Google both of them, but no luck.

I still can´t find my good and nicest friends Edward (Dudú) and Susan(?) Hanraran (married couple living in Boston-MA in Dec 1977). They would kindly introduce me to the "US democracy" way of life by taking me to nice cultural journeys in NY and Boston areas when I lived in NH. Later I enrolled at UW-Seattle and they seperated. I lost phone contact and don´t remember if Susan got a different, if remarried.

Our 1977 Lavras-MG Training page is not complete. I´ll send in two names and emails from people not yet listed. Perhaps a more active reminder would catch the attention of those nowadays busy with Facebook, Linkedin or their aging life affairs.

Writing from the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte-MG (Brazil).

Thanks, with fond memories from PC life in 1977.

Raimundo Franco
raimundofranco@yahoo.com, raimundo.franco@gmail.com

Portuguese Language Instructor, Translator, Radio Journalist (former producer @ KAZU FM & KUSF FM - Monterey & San Francisco-CA)

My blog (in progress): http://raimundo-franco.blogspot.com/

1) FACEBOOK:  http://www.facebook.com/raimundo.franco


3) ITAMARATY (SF Bay Area): List of "TRANSLATORS": http://saofrancisco.itamaraty.gov.br/pt-br/tradutores.xml

4) GOOGLE+ PAGE:  Raimundo Franco

5) On GOOGLE search, enter: “RAIMUNDO FRANCO Tradutor" (or "Translator”)

Oct 2013



Rights of Way to Brasília Teimosa
The Politics of Squatter Settlement

Sussex Academic Press

by Charles J Fortin BA 68-70

Sept 2013


Nome: jackie oberstein wald
Email: jwald999 (at)  yahoo.com

Date: Sunday, September 29, 2013

Subject:   Looking for anyone who knew Bennett Oberstein and Claire Hasselbeck in Bahia 1965-67. Let me know if there is any connection in your PC years.

They were my relatives. I am PC Panama 2008-10



The producers of a documentary about Peace Corps Pernambuco (A Memória do Peace Corps em Pernambuco), would like to contact ex-Volunteers and ex-Staff and others involved with Peace Corps Brazil in the 60 and 70s.


(click here for more information)


Oct 13


Most recent book by Kate Wasser (pen name Kate McVaugh)  BA 77-79


Based on her time as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bahia, Brazil.


The Many Wonders of Costa Contente by Kate McVaughIt’s in the town of Costa Contente that you’ll experience all kinds of marvels, and what’s more marvelous than kindness and beauty? Come to the town where you’ll meet both helpful neighbors and obliging parrots. Be sure to stop by the tavern for a cold beer and maybe a game of dominoes. It’s a place where the sweet sea air mixes with the fragrant tropical blossoms, and where the sweetest oranges are there for the picking. The people of Costa Contente will welcome you into their homes with fresh ground coffee and homemade peach brandy. And if there is ever a problem, you can always find a potion or two that will ease the pain of a broken heart or a sore back. Stoll through the town square in the warmth of the evening and listen to the lovely melodies of a guitar seranade. Or walk along the palm tree lined shore in the early morning and wave to the fisherman. Yes, Costa Contente is there to welcome you.


Other books by Kate


Jun 2013



Sally Foster's book about the experiences of Peace Corps Volunteers working as Health Workers in Rio de Janeiro 63-63Sally Foster, Brazil IV, publishes her book about the experiences of the all-female group who served as PCVs in Rio de Janeiro 63-65


Fortaleza Brazil Peace Corps Training Group - Jan 76Training Group Photo: 


 Fortaleza, Jan 76 

Apr 2013


Arthur Powers ( BA & ES)

Folks - Press 53 has just announced publication of a collection of my short stories set in Brazil. As some of you know, both my wife - Brenda (King-Powers) - and I were PCVs (in Bahia & E.S.) and we ended up living in Brazil for about 30 years - Tocantins, Recife, and Rio de Janeiro. Many of these stories stem from our work with subsistence farmers in Tocantins. You can find out more about the book at 


Feb 2013


Brazilian Batik Project - Paraiba - 1969


Aug 2012

Peace Corps Brazil - Goiás - Newsletter Issue 7 uploaded

Peace Corps Brazil - Goiás - Newsletter Issue 6 uploaded

Aug 2012


University of Florida - Gainesville, FL
BR7 - Agriculture
June 1964

4 Aug 12

Brazil Seven Peace Corps Reunion is only two month away. Oct. 5th, 6th, and 7th will be here before we know it. Bob and I looking forward to hosting you in Stillwater.


We have reserved a block of rooms at the Microtel Inn and Suites. 423 East Hall of Fame under the name: Brazil Peace Corps, Tel:405-372-7100. It is a new motel and the quoted rate is $75 plus tax per night. A continental breakfast is included and they will hold the rooms until Sept. 15th. You must make your own reservation. The Microtel is about five miles from our home. The Fairfield Inn (Marriott) is across the street and the Stillwater Plaza Hotel and Cimarron are up the street. There are also many other hotels in Stillwater so feel free to stay where you please.

If anyone wants to opt for reliving the Rio Hotel Annex experience we do have a sofa bed on the porch and one in the living room,but they are in very high traffic areas so late to bed and very early to rise would be a necessity.

Stillwater has an airport but there are no commercial flights. If you are flying you will need to fly into Tulsa or Oklahoma City. Both airports are about 70 miles away. The only transportation to Stillwater is by car. Therefore, if you are flying communicate with everyone so you can double up on transportation if desired.

Looking forward to hearing from you. More details for the weekend will follow .

Abracos, Grace and Bob


July 2012


  •  Goias PCV Newsletter - Issue No 5 uploaded

  • Goias PCV Newsletter - Issue No 4 uploaded

  • Rob Hudson's PC photos from Goias.

  • Chopp Talk:  Rob Hudson (GO 67-69) has scanned and sent for uploading on the Goias page, the PCVs of Goias newsletter - Chopp Talk.   Click here to go back 43 years!!

  • The National Peace Corps Association has a project to find and register all RPCVs who have served since the beginning of Peace Corps.  Sign Up


Mar 2012

  • Carl SmithPE 76-78 - information updated.

  • Tomas Belsky CE 65-67  - Has a new book out on his PC days in Brazil.

  • Seeking Information about a Peace Corps Brazil Documentary made between 1964-66.

I was a Volunteer in Sierra Leone from 1963-65, and for the past 40 years a documentary filmmaker. I have spent the past 2 years working on a documentary about the Peace Corps experience. In my film I am weaving the letters, journals, blogs and emails that Volunteers wrote/write while in their host countries with the profiles of four former Volunteers who are still trying to make a difference. My wife Cynthia and I set up a non-profit production and distribution company in 1978 to produce and distribute educational and documentary films (www.mediaprojects.org). We distribute the films to schools, libraries, civic groups, government around the country. Some of our work has aired on public and cable television.

The documentary film - One Step At a Time - was produced by Peace Corps Brazil between 1964-66. I want to identify the person whose voice over I'm using and am hoping you might know something about the film or know someone who can help me.

If you have any information about this documentary, please email me:  allen (at) mediaprojects.org


Allen Mondel 


Feb 2012


Jan 2012

  • Reunion of Mato Grosso 4-S Volunteers  44-B and group that trained in CO with Art and Martha Muirhead.   Sept 24, 2011 at the Muirheads in Clifton VA.   Call 518 758-6433 for info.