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Brasilia, DF

Updated:  14 Oct 2007

Terry (Farley) Ondriska
DF 64-66
Training Groups: BR15


Mike was in Viet Nam with AID (as well as Pete Zalesky) from 7/69-1/71.  I (and many other wives and children, including Pete's ex-wife, Mary Ellen) lived in Manila during most of that time. Mike's and my children, Tully and Mandy, were 22 and 6 months old when we arrived in the Philippines.   After VN we returned to the States for 4 months and then went back to Brazil (with AID)...Rio 9 months and Brasilia 3.


I came back to the States in Sept. 72 and Mike and I divorced in 74.  When he came back he was in New Orleans for about 4 years and remarried. His wife's name is Janelle. They later lived in Dallas and eventually moved to Jakarta, Indonesia.  Mike was working for a real estate development company there. 


Tully is 32, unmarried, an attorney in private practice in Bastrop, TX.


Mandy (Amanda) is 30,living in Nashville. She works as a  nanny and personal assistant for Martina McBride (whose husband is Mike's cousin). Mandy is getting married in November to Doug Lancio who is a professional musician (guitar).


After returning to the US when Mike and I separated I went back to school (psychology, nursing and medicine). After graduation from PA school in 78 I went back to Brazil (with Tully and Mandy) and worked for Westinghouse Health Services as the American medical provider for their employees at the nuclear plant construction near Angra dos Reis.  Met an American engineer, George Ondriska, came back to the States and married in 6/80. I adopted George's 6 year old son, Chris, and then had Amy (now 18).  We've lived in New Orleans, Columbia, MO, Chattanooga, TN, Granbury and Lake Jackson, TX.   I worked as a Physician Assistant for the Texas Dept of Corrections for one year but for the most part have been a stay-at-home mom. George, Amy and I went to the PC reunion in DC in (91?) and saw everyone there but other than Christmas letters from the Wades really haven't kept up with anyone.   Except...ran into Pam (BR15 - Brasilia) and Phil Lopes in the Rio airport in 1980. Started talking with Pam once we were back in Miami, got on the wrong flight and ended up in LA instead of Houston!   So that's my life story.......


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